Ijen & Bromo Tour

Let’s come and explore Bromo and Ijen 

Ijen and Bromo are two popular volcanic destinations located in East Java, Indonesia. Touring these sites is a common travel itinerary, as they offer unique natural beauty and experiences.


-first day;go to direct to bromo and speed one nigt

-second day;explore bromo starting from 03:00 in the morning,driving wiht land rover to the view point to see sunrise and the nice view of land sceep,caldera,moun bromo and batok,after than down to caldera and claim to the top of bromo after the activities back to the hotel having breafast and driving direct to ijen area,speend one nigt at ijen area.

-theert day;starting from 02:00 in the morning claim to ijen speed around 1,5 hours to the top to see bluefire,and to over see sunrise and nice view from the top after that go back down having breakfast and driving to the verry back to bali.

the prices included transpote,ferry to jawa,land rover on ijen,land rover on bromo,intran fee on ijen,intrans fee on bromo,hotel,guide,breakfast and water


IDR 4,250,000 IDR/person

minim 2 person


starting from 03:00 in the morning

second day

starting from 02:00 in the morning

theert day